Landscaping Masonry: Stone walls building in Saint-Laurent du Var

Prudon Landscapes, family company of Lanscaping, planning and Garden in Saint-Laurent du Var does on the whole part of external layouts the building of stone walls and riprapping concrete sleeper formworks. For that kind of work, we move through a good part of the department: From Monaco, Menton, Nice up to Antibes passing by Vence, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Le Rouret up to Grasse and of course, Saint-Laurent du Var.

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The use to resort to the Landscaping masonry

Regarding the topology of the maritime Alps (06) it seems obvious that it will be always subject to several methods to organize gardens with, fortunately today, the mechanization help.

Indeed, to get an absolute « flat » land is not that simple.

In the maritime Alps, there are some terraced pieces of land that are lands with an appearance of stairs.

We call them “restanques” here and they really are part of the landscape.

Generally, the vertical part of the restanque is supported by some kind of stones. And those stones are very ancient…

A 50 centimeters wall or a 2 meters walls must be strong:

Structured by some iron, walls have footings, barbicans and the foundations are deep.

Quite in the same concept and still with the strength idea, the stoned walls with building stones (not already pre-cut sold stones cladding wich are too thin) do not let glimpse any concrete because this one must be invisible.

Concrete is invisible.

Only this alloy of wood and iron is visible, wich clearly demineralize in comparison with a « traditional » wall.

Otherwise, concrete walls can be covered by a colored sealant of your choice, lime basic or not.

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Prudon Garden Company in Saint-Laurent du Var builds stone walls.

Prudon Company of Landscaping layout proposes you, according to your tastes, your budget or place and time restraints, various methods to reach exploitable land as much as we can.

(And considering the price of the land it could get interesting) or to simply secure the environment.

Of course, we do have the ten-year guarantee that hasn’t ever been used because none of our walls, rockfills, stonewalls or riprapping concrete sleeper formworks has moved.

Besides, with the combination of our mason and our landscaper, it is a win-win agreement.

We also realize oak sleeper formworks which are on both sides maintained thanks to iron beams strongly rooted into the ground as fence posts with a big appearance.

For that, we tap at regular intervals the ground to good depths and apply some concrete on these iron beams.

We also do rockfills which must be as straight as our stone walls.

You might already know this kind of work, there are some along roads sometimes: big stone blocks piled up as Lego Blocks.

All our walls can be topped by forged iron barriers, or by wood or aluminum barriers with ironmonger colleague participation.

We can also set some electrical outlets as well as any kind of integrated lighting… With the help of an electrician co-worker.

However, we build low walls too. To set fences on them, ironworks, or visual barriers…

The essential is to harmonize all these elements in a coherent way as a whole.

That’s the landscaping masonry we do practice here in Saint-Laurent du Var.

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